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Kyber Necklace - Silver

This Kyber Crystal Necklace is self illuminated. It runs with a 3V 2032 coin battery placed in an exclusively designed clasp. Runtime is 5 hours and more (depending on light color). The battery is easy to replace. The battery clasp can also be completely replaced by a smaller magnet clasp. The Necklace comes with both clasps!
You can choose between blue, red, green, yellow and purple Kyber Crystals.
The pendant has a height of 6.5 cm. The battery-clasp has a wide of 3.5 cm.
This Pendant version is made of 925 Sterling Silver.
The wire is from stainless steel. It is very flexible, strong and durable! It is covered by a waxed 100% pure cotton fabric tube.

The Necklace comes with one battery clasp, one small magnet clasp and a certificate.
Each Necklace is custom made!

Kyber-colors and shapes vary slightly! They can differ from the appearance in the product photo.

The Crystals are no Quartz-Crystals! mb-Sabers´ Kyber is a exclusive In-house development.

All materials are nickel free!

Kyber Necklace - Silver

429,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
  • To determine your cord length...
    The best way is to measure a necklace you already have. Or use a twine to find the perfect length.
    For Women: 45cm-50cm (above cleavage). Or 55cm (recommended) for chest height.
    For Men: 50cm-55cm. Or 60cm (recommended) for chest height.

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