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3D-print Chassis Parts

All parts in this shop are for mb-Sabers 3D chassis systems.
Please read the manual first before use.
All parts are for private use only.

Build a high-end Lightsaber by your self
and order your parts today!

...Metal 3D Prints!

The Metal Master chassis parts are specially designed for metal printing. They are optimised in weight, strength, price and function. Some Metal Master parts are only available in precious metal materials to make sure everything fits.

Steel and Brass

At Shapeways you can choose between Steel materials and more precious and detailed metal materials like Brass or Bronze.
Steel materials need more attention and post processing to get a nice metal finsh.

On the left you can see a before/after sample.
The main part is black steel material.
After sanding all steel materials look the same.
The yellow part is from brass.

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