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Graflex Emitter

designed for creativity

Emitter Shop

The Emitter is a bladeholder for vintage or vintage replica GRAFLEX flash tubes.

It is specially designed for mb-Sabers´ chassis systems. But you can use it for your own custom chassis as well. Six 4-40 UNC mounting holes at the bottom gives you many possible ways to mount the Emitter to your custom chassis.

Emitter Shop

Shapeways ceases operations and files for bankruptcy.
But don´t worry! All 3D printed chassis parts will still be available!

I am currently working on the new 3D-parts store, and I am looking for new manufacturer. And all parts can then be ordered directly here on my page.
There will no longer be a third-party store.

This takes a view weeks. Please stay tuned.

Thank you,


Emitter Video


Emitter Gallery


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