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Emitter 2.0

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Emitter 2.0

99,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
  • The Emitter 2.0 is a bladeholder for vintage or vintage replica GRAFLEX flash tubes. It is specially designed for mb-Sabers´ chassis systems.
    But you can use it for your own custom chassis as well. The 6x 4-40 UNC mounting holes at the bottom gives you a lot possibilities to mount the Emitter to your custom chassis.

    The Emitter is designed for easy modification. It has a lot room for adding own individual details. Or you use the mb-Sabers 3D printed Emitter add ons from Shapeways.

    The Emitter 2.0 has most mounting holes pre drilled and tapped.
    It comes with screws, switches, two back plates, switch PCBs and brass wire.

    The Emitter is designed for 7/8" blades. That makes it possible to use the long original or replica vintage pins.

    This Emitter 2.0 is for glass-eye retention only.


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