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  • TGS Graflex hilt (TFA design)

  • Metal Master brass chassis with silver parts

  • Spinning Plasma Gate

  • exclusive Gate Hatches (power coupling)

  • Emitter bladeholder (glass-eye mod)

  • Oled display

  • CFX soundboard

  • 2W 4Ohm bass speaker

  • 18650 Li-Io battery setup (easy access)

  • NeoPixel (led strip) setup (plade included)

  • USB port, charge port and main power switch

  • 6 smooth swing sound fonts

  • LED-strip blade and blade-plug

  • exclusive designed details

  • Kyber Crystal

This Graflex Saber includes the mb-Sabers Metal Master chassis system with the Spinning Plasma Gate and the exclusive designed Plasma Hatches (Power Couplings).
Most parts of this Metal Master Saber-Chassis are 3D printed. It is a mix of Brass and Sterling Silver materials. Each part is hand finished. It is a high quality product designed and assembled by me, Martin Beyer. Each of my sabers are built with care and passion. I only use high quality parts and materials.

CFX smooth swing soundboard and LED-strip (NeoPixel) driver gives the saber the real feel of a Lightsaber. It simulates blade flickering, a flash effect, ignition fade, blaster blocking and lockup. It includes smooth swing 6 sound fonts with up to 16 swing and clash sounds.
The complete motion-, color-, light- and sound-setup can be modified by changing parameters on the SD card via
The blade color can be changed at any time by
The Spinning Plasma Gate can be turned on and off at any time (even if the hilt is closed).

The saber- and the chassis-construction are very solid!

But I only sell this saber as collector's item. It is not a sports equipment or a children's toy.
!This saber is not designed for heavy full contact dueling!

All of my sabers are designed for easy access to all major electronic parts. Most parts are bolted or plugged together for easy maintenance.

Blade, battery and charger are included.

If you have questions or want to buy this saber feel free to contact me.


MM-04-2019 price


5,799 € (sold)

+ VAT/tax

The price does not include VAT or import taxes. Please inform yourself about the import taxes/VAT of your country.

+ payment

Payment has to be done in € (Euro).
You can pay with TransferWise, PayPal or bank transfer (EU).
Payments with
PayPal will add 10% fees to the final price!

Payments with TransferWise are recommended.
Normal bank transfer is only possible inside the EU.

+ shipping

DHL or FedEx.
The amount of shipping costs depends on destination, included goods, value and weight. All items are full insured.
Batteries or sabers with batteries included (dangerous goods) can only be shipped with FedEx.

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