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Fins (brass or steel)

Fins (brass or steel)

18,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
  • 7 x radiator fins for the Crystal-Chamber.
    These fins are designed for the 3D printed Graflex chassis from my Shapeways Shop.
    They replace all "part 04" radiator 3D prints. These are only the fins. No spacer included.
    The fins are blanks with raw finish. You have to polish them.
    Available in brass or steel
    - not polished
    - 0,5 mm thick
    - brass
    - 2x 75mm brass rods

     These parts are for private use only!

  • All prices in this shop are without tax/VAT and shipping cost.
    Depending on your country you maybe have to pay VAT or import taxes.

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