3D-Printed Chassis

All parts in this shop are for mb-Sabers 3D chassis systems.
Please read the manual first before use.
All parts are for private use only.

In the mb-Sabers Shapeways-Shop you get a complete 3D printed Graflex-Chassis-kit to create your own personal Graflex Chassis. The design was inspired by my high end metal chassis. But you get also a lot of variations to customize your chassis design! The kit consists of main parts and a lot customable cover parts. This chassis gives a lot room for your creativity.

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Chassis Parts

Part 01

Part 01 is the connection between chassis and bladeholder. Please make sure you order the correct version! I designed versions for most bladeholder available.


Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05

Part 06

Part 07



14650 or 18650 Batteries?

There are two chassis variations available. Depending on what battery set-up you want to use, you can decide between the 14650 system or th 18650 system.
Please follow the orientation map on the right.

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Versatile Nylon Plastic

I recommend to use the Black Versatile Plastic material for all standard chassis parts.
Versatile Plastic is a durable nylon plastic and has a lot avantages. It is not conductive. It is easy to sand and paint. With the black layer on the white base-material, it is easy to see where it is already smooth and where more sanding is required. The black layer gives the parts a nice used metal look after sanding. But you can also paint this material with color and metal effects.
Nylon has high accuracy. This is very important to make sure all parts fit together perfectly.

But for all who want their chassis from metal...

Metal Master

All parts in this shop are for mb-Sabers 3D chassis systems.
Please read the manual first before use.
All parts are for private use only.

... for Metal 3D Prints!

For all who want their chassis from metal...

The new Metal Master chassis parts are specially designed for metal printing. They are optimised in weight, strength, price and function. Some Metal Master parts are only available in precious metal materials to make sure everything fits.
All Metal Master parts are compatible with standard parts Part 01 - Part 04!

Steel and Brass

At Shapeways you can choose between Steel materials and more precious and detailed metal materials like Brass or Bronze.
Steel materials need more attention and post processing to get a nice metal finsh.

On the left you can see a before/after sample.
The main part is black steel material.
After sanding all steel materials look the same.
The yellow part is from brass.

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