Emitter 1.0 silver

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Emitter 1.0 silver

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  • The Emitter is a bladeholder for vintage or vintage replica GRAFLEX flash tubes. It is specially designed for mb-Sabers´ chassis systems.
    But you can use it for your own custom chassis as well. The 6x 4-40 UNC mounting holes at the bottom gives you a lot possibilities to mount the Emitter to your custom chassis.

    The Emitter is designed for easy modification. It has a lot room for adding own individual details. Or you use the mb-Sabers 3D printed Emitter add ons from Shapeways.

    The Emitter is designed for 7/8" blades. That makes it possible to use the long original or replica vintage pins.

    For locking the Emitter to the Bladeholder head you need a 10-32 threaded thumbscrew (Glass Eye or Red Button). This Screw also works as Blade Retention Screw.

    You can choose between 2 different designes and 2 different finishes.

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